How Drift Gets to Market Faster with a Modern Approach to Product Development


Editor’s Note: This article was first published in CIOReview here. I’m often asked about what kinds of tools and technology we use at Drift to manage product development. It’s not surprising—there have been many recent developments across a variety of areas including product analytics, deployment process, and feature-flagging. But the truth is that product development […]
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Answering Your #1 Question: What’s A One Pager?


 On this episode of Build, Maggie and special guest Daphne Funston from the Drift product team tackle the number one question from listeners: what’s a one pager and how can I use it to build better products? Maggie and Daphne talk about how one pagers are deceptively simple, yet when done well, they can […]
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How to Ship Effectively with Drift’s VP of Product

Build podcast Craig Daniel

On today’s episode of Build, Maggie sits down with Drift’s VP of Product, Craig Daniel, to discuss how to ship product – what it takes to hit your dates (and the importance of committing to them publicly), using tracer bullets to de-risk features, “good / better / best” tiering to scope features and the importance […]
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