The 3 Key Attributes of a Scalable Marketing System


Sometimes, the thing behind great success is not what you expect. Take a big Hollywood blockbuster – when the accolades come out, it’s usually all about the movie stars and the director. But, when you think about it, so many other people and systems had to come together to bring the film to life. There […]
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What Ops Pros Can Learn from this $9 Billion Company


Today on #Operations, host Sean Lane sits down with Okta’s VP of Business Operations, Jake Randall. Okta’s market cap is now $9 billion…not a bad company to learn from. Together Sean and Jake discuss how to actually measure your ops team’s performance, scaling through hypergrowth, Jake’s career path at Okta, what he’s reading now and much […]
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What’s in Store for Marketing Ops? We Talked to this Pro about Marketing Funnels, Sales Alignment and the Future of MarTech to Find Out.

Sara McNamara, Cloudera

It’s not every day you have the chance to meet a unicorn. But the title really fits Sara McNamara, Marketing Operations Manager at Cloudera 🦄 Know what’s even more rare? Getting to say you got that nickname from a marketing unicorn in her own right – Sarah Kennedy Ellis, the CMO of Marketo. “Sara is […]
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