5 Storytelling Secrets From Andy Raskin (aka The Guy Top B2B Brands Call When They Need Help With Positioning)


On this episode of the Marketing Swipe File, DG sits down with Andy Raskin – who he calls a Silicon Valley storytelling mastermind. Andy Raskin is a highly sought-after consultant who knows a good story when he sees one. Case and point, his post “The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen” has become an internet […]
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Don’t Optimize for the Short-Term with Gusto’s Cole Schofield


On this episode of Operations, Sean interviews a post-sale ops pro focused on customer operations. Together they talk about the direct impact operations can have on the customer experience. A lot of hypergrowth companies focus on short term wins versus long term gains. But for Cole Schofield, Gusto’s Head of Customer Experience, that just won’t […]
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How To Think About, Set & Track Product Metrics (Plus The Biggest Pitfalls To Avoid) with Reforge’s Dan Wolchonok


Looking to become a data-driven organization? Well, there’s no silver bullet, but there are definitely some tricks that Dan Wolchonok, Head of Product and Analytics at Reforge, has picked up along the way. Before joining Reforge (an e-learning company that provides growth masterclasses for product and marketing pros), Dan was a founding member of HubSpot’s […]
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Picking A Fight You Can Win: How The President Of K-Swiss Built a Brand That Can Compete With Nike & Adidas

Drift Marketing Swipe File_Barney Waters

On this episode of the Marketing Swipe File, DG sits down with Barney Waters, President of K-Swiss. They discuss the overlap between B2B and B2C marketing. (Is there still a difference?) Plus the key to understanding people, what makes for great writing, Barney’s favorite books and how he resurrected the K-Swiss brand to compete with […]
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What It Takes To Build Delightful Products with Gusto’s Tomer London

Build with Maggie Crowley

On this episode of Build, Maggie sits down with Tomer London – the co-founder and head of product at Gusto. Maggie and Tomer talk about how to build products that delight customers and how to track and measure delight in a world where metrics reign supreme. Tomer also shares the four pillars of product development that guide his […]
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