Molly Graham Helped Facebook & Google Scale – Now She Can Help You: Why Working at a Hypergrowth Company is the Best Kind of Career Opportunity

Molly Graham scaling hypergrowth teams

To say that Molly Graham has experience scaling hypergrowth companies would be an understatement. Her decade-long career spans stints at Google, Facebook, Quip and, most recently, the Chan Zuckerberg initiative. At each of these organizations, Graham was exposed to unprecedented growth. First in Google’s comms department where she saw the team grow from 25 to […]
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Looking To Hire Your First Conversational Marketer? Read This First (Then Swipe The Job Description)

Conversational Marketing Manager

Conversational Marketing has exploded over the last few years. So it’s only natural companies are looking to hire for this role. Take for instance Palo Alto Networks®, the fastest-growing security company in history. They posted this job description last week: But it’s not just large Fortune 100 companies like Palo Alto Networks looking to expand […]
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How To Hire Better Marketers Using This One Simple Technique

Here’s the challenge marketing hiring managers face these days: When looking at a candidate’s resume, on the surface they look great: they’ve worked at great companies, they have the job title you’re hiring for, and even may have a marketing degree, but after bringing them onboard, they’re not delivering the results you thought they would. […]
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Are You a Momentum-Maker or a Perfectionist?


Earlier this month I came to a realization: Everyone at your company falls along a spectrum. At one end you have momentum-makers, and at the other you have perfectionists. I personally fall closer to the momentum-maker end of the spectrum. And so does my co-founder Elias. Momentum-Makers As momentum-makers, we default to action. We bristle […]
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