3 Video Plays for Customer Success


Hey all, Mike here. I’m a Customer Success Manager at Drift. By now you’ve probably heard about all the hype around video and how it can expedite a sales cycle and help drive revenue. It’s pretty sweet, so if you haven’t, definitely check out some of the ways video can be used by your sales […]
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Want to Achieve Hypergrowth? Here’s Why You Need to Embrace a “Both” Mindset First

Embrace Both

I was hired at Drift to build the Customer Team just over a year ago. Recently, someone asked me what the most challenging and most rewarding parts of the first year have been. My answer: “All of the boths.” At Drift, you’ll hear us use “both” (quite affectionately) as the answer to “Should I … do/choose/prioritize/experiment… with this or […]
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4 Reasons Customers Quit Drift in 2017

Yup, that’s right…you didn’t read this wrong. We’re talking about customers who cancel, churn, leave, and say good-bye to Drift. Are we nuts to write about this? Maybe…but it’s something we talk about inside of Drift a lot. Our mantra at Drift is “always be learning,” and part of my job is to learn why […]
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Four Keys to Creating a 6-Star Customer Experience From Julie Hogan, Drift’s VP of Customer Success

“OG.” “A legend.” “Phenom that rose through the ranks.” Those are the words Drift CEO David Cancel used to describe Drift’s new VP of Customer Success and Services, Julie Hogan. You see, Julie’s been leading Customer Success since before most SaaS businesses even called it “Customer Success,” starting her time at HubSpot as an account […]
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