How to Modernize Your B2B Customer Experience to Boost Sales


David Cancel, CEO & Founder of Drift, asked a poignant question in a recent Inc. article: B2B customer expectations are changing—so why hasn’t your sales process? The point that David drives here is one that many customer experience (CX) influencers have recently raised: B2B companies that continue to rely on draconian methods of interacting, selling […]
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How to Deliver Targeted Messages Your Audience Will Love


Today’s targeted messages are powered by insights and infrastructure – aimed at connecting with the right person, at the right time, on the right channel – and from there, providing the information needed to move leads closer to closing the deal. In other words, they’re targeted & relevant (when done right). Whether you’re targeting by […]
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How Your Team Can Actually Do Customer Centric Marketing

These days, progressive, modern marketers like you and me are always talking and hearing about customer centric marketing. We know that it’s customers, not brands—or investors, or CEOs, or yesterday’s wisdom—that hold the power. And since the [good] products we build solve customer problems, it’s our customers who hold the real insight, too. So we’re […]
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4 Reasons Customers Quit Drift in 2017

Yup, that’s right…you didn’t read this wrong. We’re talking about customers who cancel, churn, leave, and say good-bye to Drift. Are we nuts to write about this? Maybe…but it’s something we talk about inside of Drift a lot. Our mantra at Drift is “always be learning,” and part of my job is to learn why […]
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Four Keys to Creating a 6-Star Customer Experience From Julie Hogan, Drift’s VP of Customer Success

“OG.” “A legend.” “Phenom that rose through the ranks.” Those are the words Drift CEO David Cancel used to describe Drift’s new VP of Customer Success and Services, Julie Hogan. You see, Julie’s been leading Customer Success since before most SaaS businesses even called it “Customer Success,” starting her time at HubSpot as an account […]
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