Introducing Drift for Startups: Automate Your Funnel Without Having to Hire a Sales and Marketing Team

Alright, this is a fun one to share:

Starting today, early stage startups can get the full power of our conversational marketing platform for 95% off.

That’s not a typo.

We believe so much in the power of talking to the people who are visiting your website instead of making them fill out forms that we wanted to make Drift super accessible for early stage companies.

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And this one is personal for me too.

The number one reason we have been able to grow so fast here at Drift is that we made the decision very early on that we were going to ditch our lead forms and talk to every website visitor — and that’s what sent our sales through the roof.

Half of our pipeline comes from Drift today and we have been able to shrink our sales cycle in half.

And those results are not just unique to us. Over 50,000 businesses are using Drift today to generate leads, book more qualified sales meetings, and provide a modern buying experience for potential customers.

But there was one piece of feedback we had been hearing over and over:

“Where’s the love for us early stage startups?”

Well we heard you loud and clear — and now we got your back.

With Drift for Startups you’ll get the full power of our conversational marketing platform at a fraction of the cost.

This plan is specifically designed to help early stage startups automate their funnels, get sales meetings, have conversations with your target buyers and start growing your business the minute you put Drift on your website.

So if you’re an early stage startup and you’re tired of missing sales, click here to learn if you qualify for the Drift for Startups plan.