11 B2B RevOps Pros Who Will Drive Marketing, Sales & Revenue Growth In 2020

Wrapping up Q4 and 2020 planning – it’s something we’re all doing. But there’s a subset of people at every company whose lives get a little bit crazier during this time of year.

I’m talking about the revenue operations folks on your team. They’re the ones behind the scenes who are doing things like figuring out how much people will get paid, what commission plans will look like, what territories will look like…pretty important stuff, right?

On top of this? RevOps is also your company’s single source of truth when it comes to high-level reporting and business planning.

Think about that for a minute. A single source of truth means never walking into a meeting and knowing that sales is going to have one version of truth and marketing is going to have another. And then spending most of the meeting trying to figure out who’s right. Haven’t we all been in a meeting like that?

That’s why I love being in revenue operations. Because there’s no silos, no second-guessing. RevOps has its finger on the pulse of your company’s data, analytics, and ultimately – the entire customer journey.

But even beyond their role in reporting and annual planning, RevOps people are your company’s eagle eyes. They’re the ones keeping a lookout at the different touchpoints in the entire customer journey, analyzing where friction occurs, and then figuring out what needs to be done to remove it.

So let’s celebrate the people that keep us honest – and help us remove friction for our customers.

Here are 11 B2B RevOps pros who’ve driven major growth for their companies 2019 (and who you should keep an eye out for in 2020).


Director, Global Revenue Operations at Eventbrite
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Director of Revenue Operations at Jetty
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Sr. Director, Revenue Strategy & Operations at Coursera
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Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Braze
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Senior Director of Business Operations at Anaplan
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Manager, Global Revenue Operations at Smartling
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Director of Revenue Operations at Aircall
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Senior Director of Revenue Operations at LeanData
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Director of Marketing & Revenue Operations at MarketStar
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Senior Revenue Operations Manager at Threat Stack
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Senior Director, Revenue Operations at Box
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