Introducing #Operations: Go Under the Hood of Hypergrowth Companies like Amazon, Okta and Salesforce


To all the marketing and sales ops pros out there deep in the trenches, we know automation work isn’t glamorous. And maybe it seems like no one cares about your Salesforce hack or that Marketo lead routing program you built from scratch at 2 in the morning.

But we’re here to change all that. Because without you, there would be no hypergrowth companies. Which is why we’re introducing something brand new. #Operations – a podcast just for you. Every other Friday, you’ll hear from Sean Lane, aka SAL, Director of Operations at Drift. We’ll go under the hood of companies including Salesforce, Amazon and Okta to find out what it truly takes to scale through hypergrowth.

Finally. A show about ops. Tune in below to hear what we have planned ?

And while you’re waiting for the next episode to drop, catch up with Sean and Drift on Twitter @Seany_Biz @Drift.

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