Here’s Why The MQL Is Dead (And How Conversations Are Transforming The Marketing Funnel)


It’s true I changed our entire marketing funnel here at Drift…the entire thing.


Because B2B marketing is broken. And every demand gen marketer I know is so worried about measuring acronyms and not worried about what’s happening with the people their campaigns are reaching.

Did you catch that last part? The people in your campaigns are real people.

They don’t want to be treated like a prospect. And they definitely don’t want to be treated like an MQL.

In fact, here at Drift, we believe the MQL is dead. I know this may come as a shock to my funnel-loving fellow marketers. But I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be okay. And that we wrote a book to help you through this. Download it HERE.

Buyers want solutions to their business problems and answers to their questions. They know that filling out a web form will only get them drowned in marketing emails and annoying follow-up calls from inexperienced SDRs. Not fun, and definitely not worth whatever is behind that form.

Your buyers want to be treated like people.

And here’s another hard truth. Your salespeople don’t really want the MQLs you’re sending them, either. They may work with them because that’s the status quo, but they’d much rather be having real conversations with real people at the accounts they’re trying to land.

So, if no one’s really interested in MQLs, what should you be focusing on instead?


The “conversation-ready” lead is the new standard for effective lead generation.

We have the data. We have the technology. We know conversational marketing works. Now all we need is the confidence to follow the lead of companies like Oracle (yes, that Oracle) and say “No” to the old MQL method and “Yes” to a process that’s designed to generate conversation-ready leads.

 The MQL is dead. And conversations are here to stay. Get your hands on the full book to learn:

  • What’s really behind the shift away from MQLs
  • Why Oracle stopped using MQLs and transformed their funnel with conversation-ready leads
  • How conversational marketing helps buyers and salespeople connect more quickly
  • 8 Practical Ways To Get Started With Conversational Marketing

The potential is enormous for companies that are willing to embrace this new way of engaging with buyers: happier customers, streamlined lead generation, better conversion rates, more productive sales teams, and a healthier bottom line.

Now, who’s with me?