How Keet Health Used Drift to Onboard 35 New Clients in 40 Days During the COVID-19 Outbreak

By Drift

Keet Health

Taylor Goldsmith is the Marketing Manager at Keet Health. She brings a love of all things content, thought leadership, story telling, and design to the work she does at Keet.

Healthcare is currently undergoing a huge transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance – which basically means that rather than being paid for 10 visits, providers will now only get paid if their patient actually gets better from those 10 visits.

That’s where we fit in.

?I’m Taylor, the marketing manager at Keet Health. When we built Keet, we set out to reimagine the way people experience and recover from musculoskeletal disease. As a patient engagement solution you can think of us like event-driven marketing but instead of emails going out, it’s things like exercises and surveys, and instead of the outcome being someone purchasing your product, it’s recovery from an injury. We’re also a HIPAA-certified communication platform that makes it easy for patients, providers and organizations to connect and partner together for better health.

Our mission is to help make healthcare more holistic, since we know that healing often happens beyond a clinic or office. So we work mostly with outpatient rehab providers, like physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists.

Here’s how we pivoted our strategy in the face of COVID-19 – and how it helped us get closer to our mission.

Goal: Help Our Customers Deliver Great Care

As the U.S. continued to shut down in March, cancellations for clinic visits skyrocketed.

The outpatient rehab community closed their doors, voluntarily or by state order. And then they came to us asking how to move forward.

We immediately thought, “This is what we’re meant to do.”

Since Keet is designed to extend the reach of care outside clinic walls, it took us only a matter of days to stand up a free version of Keet, which we’ve dubbed Keet for COVID, available to anyone in the healthcare industry. I’m proud to say we’re spinning up each new client within zero to two business days. We’ve also leaned on Drift bots to direct Keet for COVID clients from our website to specific sections of our help center.

It’s only been a few weeks and we already have 35 new clients, which equates to hundreds of newly formed patient/therapist relationships – which is the most important result.

And we couldn’t have done that without Drift.

How We Sprinted to Get Keet for COVID Online

First, we thought about what features made the most sense for our free offering. We knew in these unprecedented times that bringing our industry the right tools to keep them connected to patients, at no cost, was most important. So, we pared down our features to what was most relevant for these new customers.

Keet for COVID includes:

  • Home exercise plans with provider visibility: This was a big one for us at Keet. We want to encourage patients to be active participants in their own care and give providers the resources they need to encourage this. Plus, Keet gives providers visibility into whether or not a patient actually did their exercises which means they can intervene if a patient needs extra help, has more pain than they let on, or just feels a little stuck – which is especially important with nearly everyone quarantined at home.
  • Secure, direct messaging: Since extending a provider’s reach outside clinic walls is a huge pillar for us at Keet, secure messaging was a must in Keet for COVID. This means patients and providers have a secure method for communication and also gives providers an outlet to reach out to past patients, even if it’s just a quick hello to check in.
  • Patient education: Similar to home exercise plans, offering patient education is a great way to help a patient become an active participant in their care and keep progressing towards their goals.
  • Patient-specific outcomes administration: At Keet, we believe outcomes reporting is a meaningful extension of a provider’s mission to improve the health and satisfaction of their patients. Because after all, what you can’t measure you can’t improve. We didn’t include our full blown outcomes solution in this offering but providing some light outcomes collection was important.

In addition to the above, users can also get a link to our Zendesk site so they can see all of our help center articles and talk to our support team if they need extra help.

Getting the Word Out

Once we determined the product offering and support structure, we set up a Keet for COVID landing page.

Keet for COVID

We also started publicizing it on other parts of our website, like through a banner at the top of our homepage, which says, “Learn what we’re doing to help during COVID-19.”

Keet Health homepage

We’ve also used Drift as a tool to quickly direct people to a survey that kicks off the entire implementation process. Here you can see how we’ve incorporated the Keet for COVID offering to our homepage bot:

Keet Health Drift homepage bot

And our bot on the Keet for COVID page asks, “Would you like to get started with Keet for COVID?”

Keet for COVID Drift bot

When a visitor clicks “Yes!” it kicks off the process:

  1. First, we ensure that they weren’t already a Keet customer through a bot question. If they say “yes” we follow up with a support thread.
  2. After that, we collect basic qualification info (number of therapists and locations).
  3. Ask if they’re ready to sign up or need more info.
  4. If they sign up, we deliver a link to our MSA, the prospect executes, then we let them know the Keet CS team will be in touch ASAP. That’s it!

What’s been interesting with this is that we’ve received interest from some very prominent organizations in our industry. We’ve been able to catch the attention of large, enterprise clients and a very prominent hospital organization in New York City recently took advantage of the offer.

Every one of those therapists is helping tens or even hundreds of patients.

That’s huge for healthcare, but it’s also huge for us.

And almost all of them have come through Drift.

What’s Next

Right after we launched this to our core market, we started to envision how we could bring something like Keet for COVID to a broader audience. I’m excited to say we are looking at ways we can partner with leading organizations all over the country to help them better monitor employee and customer safety by providing solutions to help with staff shortages, symptom tracking, employee mental health, and more to help us all safely return to the office.

And of course we’re bringing Drift along to help us start conversations with these leading companies.

What We Learned Along the Way

I think it’s safe to say none of us were truly prepared for a global pandemic (is anyone ever?).

But here’s my take. There’s never been a better time to put customer-centricity into action. We knew we had to help our customers and community-at-large figure out how to serve their patients. We had to think past our business and our current offerings and do something different.

It’s easy to forget that healthcare is a business, too. This is just one example of how difficult it will be for clinics to keep their lights on, and if we can help them now when they need it most, I’m proud to be part of the team that’s trying to solve this problem.