Drift Product Update: Here’s What’s New From June

It’s time for our monthly Product Update where we fill you in on everything that’s new inside of Drift from the past month.

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Get More Sales Meetings Without ANY Extra Work

There’s a whole new reason for marketing teams to love using Drift: Playbooks.

Playbooks are pre-packaged campaigns in Drift that are designed to help you achieve your specific marketing and sales goals.

The first one that we released is all about getting more meetings (and building a bigger pipeline) for the sales team.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When a visitor comes to your website, our intelligent sales assistant, LeadBot™, will capture that visitor’s contact information and qualify the lead for you based on the questions that matter to your business. (Most people typically ask about the industry, company size, and biggest pain point.)
  2. If the visitor is a good fit, LeadBot™ will then pass that lead on to your sales reps based on the routing rules you set, like territory or firmographics. (You can also choose what you want to do with leads who are not a good fit, be it end the conversation or send them to your email list for more nurturing.)
  3. LeadBot™ will then handle scheduling a meeting with the qualified lead — and this all happens in seconds while the person is live on your website (not after they have left and continued with their day).

As a marketer, this means that all you have to do is get the sales team to connect their calendars to Drift with Google Calendar or Outlook 365.

No more chasing down prospects with follow-up emails after they’ve left your website and you’ve lost their attention. And no more arguing with the sales team about whether they are following up with your leads fast enough (or in some cases, at all).

Plus, you can eliminate any bad leads by writing a simple LeadBot™ script to ensure only the best leads get to connect with sales. The easiest place to start is by using the questions you’re already asking on your lead forms.

Click this link to experience it for yourself.

Outlook 365 Calendar Integration

Well, we kinda gave this away in the section above…

For all of you who were waiting to use Drift Meetings to book demos and calls with your leads and customers, you can now hook up your Outlook 365 account and watch the meetings roll in.

Head right to your settings in Drift to connect your calendar today.

A View For Your Reps

This one’s for all my sales teams out there.
Many of our customers have realized how valuable their leads that come through Drift are, so some teams were having trouble making sure that reps only focused on their leads.
So now we make it dead simple for you to keep your reps focused and ownership lines clear. And if your reps try to view a conversation they don’t have access to, they’ll see this screen:
Setting up a user in their view is as simple as changing their access when you’re inviting them…

Here’s some more info on how it works if you’re into it.

Fresh Dashboard Reporting

Reporting matters. It’s how you visualize the effort you’re putting in and the money you’re spending on a tool like Drift.

Now, the dashboard got a major makeover. Overview stats on the left, and if you have Salesforce connected, you can see how much pipeline we’ve helped you create (and how much $$ you’ve made).

If you’re interested in that Salesforce side of the report, shoot us a note and we can opt you in ? ?.

You can learn more about how it works here.

A Few Other Quick Updates From June

  • Send a transcript of a conversation to anybody you want, even if they don’t have a Drift account! Learn more here.
  • As you’re having a conversation with somebody, if they’re changing pages while they’re talking to you, you’ll see their movement between messages so you know exactly what they’re looking at.
  • More context as to why people are being added to conversations — Now, when a participant is added, you’ll see exactly what rule caused them to be added so you know why everything is happening.
  • If you invite a new user to your team, we used to dump them on the dashboard. Now, they go through the same wonderful onboarding you did where they set up their Profile and Meetings.
  • We help you filter through the noise — if a Playbook or Leadbot conversation is triggered, we won’t show it in Drift until the visitor or customer actually send a first message, which will help you keep the inbox nice and clean.

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