Introducing Seeking Wisdom: A Podcast From Drift


A few months ago, David and I started this podcast called Seeking Wisdom.

But we didn’t really start Seeking Wisdom because we wanted to have a podcast — we started it as a way to get a bunch of thoughts out there –since it’s really hard to sit down with a blank screen and think about what to write.

With this format, I could play host and interview David to try and dig in on some of the things he’s learned over the course of his 20+ years building startups and turn that into content that we could share with everyone.

So once a week, we’d go grab a coffee, talk about a topic on the walk over, come back to our office, and sit down for 15-20 minutes to record a new episode.

But then one by one, we started getting emails from people who had listened to the show and wanted to suggest topics for future episodes.

And we ran a little contest where David would hop on a 15 minute Skype call with anyone that left a review for the show to talk about whatever they wanted — and then had to stop after two episodes because it became impossible to hold up our end of the bargain.

In talking to everyone who was listening to podcast, one thing kept coming up over and over again: people loved the tactical stuff, and wanted to know how we’re thinking about things as we build Drift.

And since learning is a huge part of our culture, we made the decision (starting to today) to re-launch Seeking Wisdom as part of Drift.

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A Podcast About What We’re Learning Building Drift

Once a week, we’ll be sharing everything we’re learning building Drift, and we’re kicking that mission off with this episode on How To Set Goals For Your Startup:

It’s all about the power of focus, setting goals that are aligned with your customer’s success, and how a single goal that we set for Q2 here at Drift had a huge impact on our team and our growth.

But we’re also going to keep talking about the things that we’ve been typically covering on Seeking Wisdom, like:

The Myth Of Work/Life Balance

The Secret To Becoming A Learning Machine

And How A Modern Product Team Should Work

All Of The Places You Can Listen To Seeking Wisdom

You can catch Seeking Wisdom in all of the places that you listen to your favorite podcasts — just search for Seeking Wisdom — but here are all of the links so you can subscribe right here, right now so you never miss a new episode:

And don’t hesitate to send or tweet us feedback about the show, including what you want to hear more of.

Heck here’s a tweet if you want to use it to get things started.

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