Introducing Drift Help: Deliver 24/7 Conversational Support On Your Website

Conversational marketing and sales is about meeting prospects where they are and providing a one-to-one experience that feels less like a sales pitch and more like a helpful dialogue between friends. When
executed properly, a conversational approach leads to better educated prospects, more closed deals, and a stronger relationship between buyers and your brand.

But when people have product questions in chat, how do you scale 24/7 support without hiring additional staff or taxing your sales team?

The answer is simple: Conversational Support via Drift Help.

Whether a visitor to your website has a question about how a feature works, or wants to talk to a sales rep, Drift Help is intelligent enough to provide automatic answers, or route people to someone who can provide more assistance.

Helping Is the New Selling

Today, it’s not about sales, and it’s not about marketing.

It’s about delivering better customer experiences.

That’s why we built an elegant, out-of-the-box solution for automatically building and sharing support content with anyone who visits your website.

With Drift Help you’ll be able to:

Create beautifully designed support content in minutes. You’re busy. You can’t spend hours creating help articles in clunky, old school software. So we built a simple, lightweight editor that makes creating new help docs as easy as typing a text message.

Automate 24/7 support, without additional staff or a complicated ticketing system. After you create content in your help center, Driftbot will automatically crawl it and then jump in to help people find answers to questions in real-time — no extra staff or assists from your sales team needed.
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Deliver conversational support wherever and whenever prospects or customers need it. Better experiences require that people get the answers they need, when they need them. Driftbot is smart enough to identify when people need help, and then direct them to the information they need.

How to Use Conversational Support Via Drift Help

So, how does it work?

When someone asks a question on your website, Driftbot taps into the articles you’ve created in your help center, and automatically delivers the answers customers need — no support staff or ticketing system necessary.

When you want to make Driftbot smarter, just add relevant support content via the lightweight editor. New content is automatically added to Drift Help, so the next time a customer has a question, the right answers are served up automatically.

Need to find something? Drift Help stores all your support content in a single, searchable help center.

When a customer has a question that Driftbot thinks would best be answered by a human, it seamlessly routes to the appropriate department and the right person is notified.

We Made It Easy and 100% Free to Get Started With Drift Help

With Conversational Support via Drift Help, you can scale support chat without hiring more people, or burdening your sales team with product questions. And since we believe all businesses should have the ability to deliver better customer experiences, Drift Help is 100% free to get started.