Sales Tools: 7 Products That Can Help You Close More Deals


If you’re in sales today, you’re more involved in the customer experience than ever before.

You know the upcoming product releases from the engineers, you work closely with customer success, and you might even work with marketing on some of the messaging and sales copy.

Even if your title is founder, developer, or marketer – you probably still have to sell.

So how do you keep up with? Technology.

These free sales tools can be your secret weapon — they will help make you a smarter and more productive sales pro — and best of all, they are all free to use.

Free Sales Tools



When you need a quick presentation or slide deck at the last minute, there isn’t time for a custom PowerPoint. Enter Canva.

Canva has preset designs you can use to quickly add text and import logos, without any hassle. Download your files as images or PDFs just in time for your next customer to join the GoToMeeting.

In ten seconds (or less) you can find a design and add a logo.


HubSpot CRM

It has all the power you need without the hefty pricetag or implementation headaches. Track and schedule emails, build contact information, and manage your pipeline. HubSpot CRM integrates your prospect data with HubSpot’s marketing tool so you can see a complete view of your customers.

Sales_Tools_HubSpot.pngHubSpot Sales, formerly known as Sidekick, is a plugin to let you know if someone opened your email and clicked your link. Yes, it feels a little like Big Brother is watching. HubSpot sales also tells you where and on what device the recipient opened your message.


This multicolored square icon is the lifeblood of many companies. If all of your messages are in one place, your data should be too.

Thanks to the multitude of Slack integrations, you can see everything in a single view. Think of this as your new dashboard, right next to the DJ Khaled gifs in the #random channel.

Here’s an example: You need to track who mentions your company because they might be a good lead. You could set up custom searches in your social media manager, but that won’t monitor discussion boards. You can’t check it constantly either – that would take up too much time.

Instead, you can integrate Notify with Slack. It tells you anytime anyone mentions your company in real time. Now when someone tweets about you versus your competitor, you are alerted and can chime in.


98% of your website visitors leave without doing anything.

You can change this by talking to prospects before they disappear with Drift’s free live chat — and the best part is that you don’t even need more traffic to your site to start closing more deals.


Live chat also helps you get instant feedback. Visitors will ask you what the website didn’t tell them, such as how you’re different than a competitor. You now have the opportunity to save the sale.


Even though we all love Slack, email is still a powerful tool. Freddie, the MailChimp mascot, helps sales grow an audience.

Think newsletters are just for marketers? Not anymore. Imagine your product is in closed beta. You can’t sell the product yet, but you’re going to need customers down the road. Find them now through email.

Newsletters are a great MVP (minimum viable product, in this case) to test your message. Find out if your audience has the pain point your product is trying to solve before you build – then you might even be able to use their feedback in development. You’ll have an audience to sell to once the product is available.


Transform your Gmail into a CRM for free. You can create pipelines and organize messages to group conversations together. Share those pipelines within your team for full transparency – then everyone is in the loop.

You can keep all your sales communications within your existing inbox, no need to migrate to a new system. It’s ideal for small and growing teams to manage prospects effectively.



You could automate your entire workday with Zapier. Well, almost – but imagine if you could use it to start the coffee pot as soon as you walked in the door.

Zapier is the backbone of a lot of workflows that make your day easier. Import a prospect’s information from Typeform to Constant Contact instantly. Create a new events in your Calendar with a single spreadsheet. Add subscribers from SumoMe to your SendGrid account. The possibilities are endless with over 500 apps available.

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