22 Free Resources To Make You The Sales MVP

The sales professional is more involved in the customer experience than ever before. She knows the upcoming releases from engineers, checks her messaging with marketing, and collaborates with customer success.

Her title might even be founder, developer, or marketer – she still has to sell. How does she and everyone else keep up with the changes?

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These free tools, podcasts, and blogs will make you a smarter seller. Tried-and-true tactics for cold calls. No more heavy lifting to find emails. This is the next generation of customer growth.

8 Tools

  1. Calendly: set your availability and prospects can book time in your calendar. Integrates with most CRMs.
  2. Conspire: LinkedIn and email integration to show degrees of separation from a contact and who can introduce you
  3. Daily: instant slack notification and daily email with lead intelligence for signups
  4. Email Breaker: find company email formats
  5. Email Hunter: find emails by company domain
  6. HubSpot CRM: manage your pipeline, track emails, and build contacts
  7. Streak: email plugin to transform your inbox into CRM
  8. Viola Norbert: find any email with a first and last name

6 Podcasts

  1. B2B Growth: just like the name suggests, designed to help B2B executives achieve powerful growth
  2. Bowery Cap Startup Sales Podcast: success sales methods from established startups and technology companies
  3. Ramp with Cara Hogan of InsightSquared: stories of how to use analytics to grow SaaS businesses
  4. Startup Chat with Steli & Hiten: two SaaS founders discuss sales and retention best practices for growing SaaS
  5. The Sales Evangelist Podcast: how to optimize every part of your sales process
  6. The Sales Whisperer: sales methods for startups, corporations, and everything in between

8 Blogs & Newsletters

  1. Close.io: best practices to close more sales from Steli Efti
  2. CloserIQ: advice from high-growth sales leaders
  3. Closing Call: community-driven submissions and upvotes of sales content (think Reddit for sales)
  4. Chargebee SaaS Dispatch: lessons and stories from SaaS businesses
  5. Coelevate by Brian Balfour: growth and user acquisition blog and newsletter
  6. First Round Review: interviews and cases of startup traction, growth, and scaling
  7. OkDork by Noah Kagan: business hacks via blog and newsletter
  8. Startup Marketing: marketing strategy, customer acquisition, and growth for startups by Ryan Gum

Bonus: Top 5 Favorites

Hand-picked favorites for you to check out first:

  1. A Blueprint from the Woman Who Helped AdRoll Double its Sales Force and Sales
  2. Ellen Rubin on the Unsung Hero of SaaS [Podcast]
  3. How to Create a Customer Acquisition Plan for Startups
  4. How to Get from 10 to 100 Customers for Your Startup [Podcast]
  5. Why you need to call your churning customers (and how to do it right)