Here are 5 Email Templates to Make Your Marketing More Empathetic

Empathy has always been the gold standard for marketers.

The best marketers have mastered how to empathize with their customers and buyers better than their competitors. Case in point ?

Yup, that’s Apple’s marketing philosophy, circa 1977.

It’s funny how some things stand the test of time.

Apple has spent years learning about their customers. And I challenge you to find a company that’s used these insights better in their marketing.

But empathy isn’t just something to be used in an ad. Empathy should be embedded in every part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s why: Empathy wins.

It cuts through the BS and carries people through crisis. Which is critically important, especially right now.

We’re students of empathy here at Drift too. And we want to share what we’ve learned along the way. (Though, we’re always still learning, so I’d love to know how we’re doing. Feel free to shoot me an email.)

To help bring greater empathy to your email marketing, we’re sharing five high-converting marketing email templates that prove being human is always the best business strategy. Some are based on emails from the Drift team, others are based on emails from brands – both B2B and B2C – we love. Here’s a look at some of the templates you’ll get:

  1. The Helping Hand Play ?
  2. The Wake-Up Play ⏰
  3. The Round-up Play ?
  4. The Customer Review/Testimonial Play ?
  5. The “Oops!” Play ?

PLUS: We’re sure you already have a ton of amazing emails in your marketing nurture, so we’re also including four best practices to help you humanize your existing emails too.

Ready to bring more value to your customers and buyers? We’ve got you covered. Download the templates right from this blog post here or by clicking the image below 👇