Building Benefits the Drift Way: Introducing Sabbaticals Powered by Drift

By Drift

(Editor’s note: This post is by Diana Preziosi, Drift’s new Team Experience Manager.)

In my first blog post for Drift, I have the honor of being able to announce something amazing.

It’s the kind of program you might expect see at a big Silicon Valley-born company, but we’re doing our own version of it right here at Drift.

Because as I’ve learned in the brief time since I started here, Drift isn’t your typical company. I’ve never seen such passion around building a brand, a movement, an amazing product, and importantly for me, a company that supports its employees like no other.

So, what’s the news?

To reward the hard work of our “Drifters,” we’re announcing Sabbaticals Powered by Drift.

Sabbaticals ⚡ by Drift

Sabbaticals provide an opportunity to rest, to learn, to give back to communities, to focus on the environment, and a chance to become a better human being. Listing all these benefits, it’s easy to see how this is valuable to employees and the business.

At Drift, we’re taking this to the next level by combining sabbaticals with our “always be learning” philosophy. Sabbaticals Powered by Drift will offer our Drifters time away from the busy hustle of everyday life to expand their knowledge.

Here are the guts of the program:

  • If you have been with Drift for 3 years
  • You can take up to 4 weeks time
  • To focus on our efforts to “always be learning”

We can’t wait for our very first Drifter, Elias Torres, our Co-Founder and CTO, to take the first sabbatical.

Look for details on how he will spend his Sabbatical Powered by Drift right here on our blog.

Pssst. We’re hiring! Click here to learn more and to see what positions are available.