Introducing Drift for Sales – Close Deals Faster Without Spray and Pray Tactics

If you’re a B2B sales rep, you probably wish you could close deals faster.

You’re not alone.

Most people believe that the B2B sales cycle must take weeks or months.

But the best sales reps – that are helpful and personal – can turn weeks and months into days and even minutes.

That process is called conversational selling. It’s what today’s best sales reps are using to close deals faster.

And no, conversational selling isn’t just about putting Drift on your website.

Honestly, it’s been fun watching sales teams adopt Drift. There’s always this moment when they see the value of messaging to connect with their leads.

I can’t tell you how many “I’ve been calling him for weeks and he just chatted in on our website?” moments I’ve witnessed. You got to meet the buyer where they are, and they are not answering phone calls anymore.

But we realized it’s not just using real-time messaging that’s helping the best reps close deals faster.

They meet the buyer on the buyer’s terms, address their needs and respect their time. They also make it feel like you’re buying from a person, and not some corporation. They are helpful and personal.

So we wanted to arm sales teams everywhere to be helpful and personal.

That’s why today we’re introducing Drift for Sales. The first conversational selling toolkit that’ll help sales reps close deals faster without spray and pray tactics.

Selling Should Be About Selling, Not Logistics

Sales reps waste too much time doing logistics work.

I mean really, autonomous cars roam the streets yet you’re still sending emails asking some CEO “what time works best for you?”

You lose deals because you make scheduling painful for your potential customers.

And even if you have automated booking a meeting, you still have to trade emails “I’m available between 3 and 4 on Thursday” when they need to reschedule.

But it’s not just scheduling, the best sales reps are personal. Afterall, you’re doing the selling. People buy from people, not corporations. So why does your selling toolkit feel so corporate? Why can’t they be more personal?

You were hired for your charisma, your intelligence and your ability to close deals. You are the face of your company, yet your face appears almost nowhere to your potential customer.

So Here’s What We’re Giving Sales Reps

We’ve heard you loud and clear. Not only from our customers but our own sales team has made it quite clear that they need help making the sales cycle faster and painless.

So we bundled together a couple things that’ll help you close deals faster and create a better experience for your buyers.

  1. Drift Sales Email
    Start sending smarter emails. Drift Sales Email connects to real-time messaging on your website, has all the tracking you need and integrates with Salesforce. We also built machine learning and AI into our emails so they consider context beyond the inbox (like it someone books a meeting with you).
  2. Drift Meetings
    Never miss a deal due to scheduling conflicts again. Connect your calendar to Drift and let Drift do the scheduling for you. You can insert your availability into an email with one-click and your recipient can click which time works best for them and boom, you’re booked.
  3. Drift Profile
    Your profile is about you, not your company. Customize it with your photo, details about you and contact information. But it’s also your direct line between you and your prospect through real-time messaging available on your page.


Share Your Availability In One-Click

With Drift it’s all about simplicity.

You should be able to click a few buttons and make it easy for your prospects to pick a time on your calendar when they’re available.

So we made that easy to do. It’s literally the click of a button.

Make it simple. Your leads will appreciate it and you’ll hold more meetings.

You Own Your Sales Quota So You Should Own Your Time Too

We also made meeting types customizable. So as a sales rep, you create whatever types of meetings you want to hold.

Pick the duration, add meeting details, location, whatever you need to make it easy for people to meet with you.

And with two clicks you can pick a Meeting Type and share it in an email.

Never Miss A Deal Due To Scheduling Conflicts Again

If you’ve ever had someone cancel a meeting with you (everyone has) you’ve felt this pain before.

The person cancelling has to email you, explain they aren’t available to meet anymore, suggest times, then you need to answer that email, find your available times, send those back. Eventually you land on a time.

With Drift Meetings, your prospects can reschedule with you on their own. We made rescheduling really simple. So much so, that you – the rep – don’t have to do a thing.

They just click “reschedule” an Drift will help them pick a new time.

And Drift will notify you that your meeting has been moved. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is showing up on time (don’t worry we send reminders too).

Your Profile is About You, Not Your Company

People buy from people, not corporations. So your Drift profile is customizable and should be about you, why you do what you do, what makes you tick, and how to connect with you.

If you think B2B sales isn’t personal, you’re wrong.

When you start your meetings you don’t just jump right into a sales pitch right? You start with small talk. Maybe you chat about the weather or laugh about how your video conferencing tools never work.

That’s because you want to be personal, relatable, human! Drift Profiles help you be more human. People buy from people!

How To Get Started With Drift For Sales

If you’re a Drift customer, we got you covered. You probably already have a Drift Profile, if not, you can set one of up in your account today, totally free.

We also unlocked Email Sequences and updated the Chrome extension so you have all the new Meetings features and you can now send up to 150 sequenced emails per day.

If you’re not a Drift customer, no worries. Like I said, we wanted to give you something to be more helpful and personal. So we made Drift for Sales free to get started – you can create a Drift Profile, get chat and send up to 150 sequences a month.

And not only, we also have a special offer for Drift Meetings and Sales Email if you want to try those out too (for $15/year).

If you’d like to try Drift for Sales, sign up right now and we’ll give you 11 months free of Meetings.