Introducing the Conversational Marketing Blueprint: Expert Advice Whether You’re Building Your First Bot or Your 100th

Drift Blog Conversational Marketing Blueprint

I know first-hand that setting up your very first bot can be an intimidating experience. But one that’s well worth it. Because bots are hugely powerful tools when it comes to engaging with and converting prospects on your site.

So we’ve set out to make it as easy as possible to create effective bots that truly convert.

I’m excited to introduce Drift’s Conversational Marketing Blueprint.

This step-by-step guide will help you use conversational marketing to drive more leads, book more meetings and generate more pipeline. You’ll create a better buying experience for prospects and customers (in turn benefiting your sales team and your bottom line).

But the Blueprint isn’t just useful for those of you new to conversational marketing. We provide valuable, step-by-step advice whether you’re building your very first bot or your 100th.

In the Blueprint, you can expect answers to some of your most pressing questions like:

  • How does conversational marketing work?
  • How do I implement conversational marketing?
  • How do I optimize conversational marketing for my own business?

The Blueprint will walk you through several conversational marketing strategies both marketers and salespeople can use to engage website visitors.

We’ll also give you strategies like how and why to add a second net to your landing pages. Plus, learn how to connect with ABM accounts faster than ever by providing a tailored and personalized experience.

You’ll be connecting leads to reps via live chat, qualifying leads with chat and automating appointment setting in no time.

The purpose of the Conversational Marketing Blueprint is to map the what, who, where, why, and when of your buyer’s journey. Every business is different and so are their customers. While the the Conversational Framework is a helpful starting point, the Blueprint is where the rubber meets the road. It’s the tactical – and visual – roadmap for layering your go-to-market strategy with conversational marketing.

You can get the full Conversational Marketing Blueprint here.

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