Aligning Sales & Marketing Around The Buyer Should Be Your Primary Focus for 2020. Here’s Why & How To Do It With Conversational Marketing.


Everyone knows that sales and marketing are responsible for driving revenue. But despite this shared goal, these two departments are rarely aligned around much else. And that’s a shame too, shows a recent report from LeadMD. Because businesses with strong sales and marketing alignment are 67% more effective at closing deals, 58% more effective at retaining customers, and drive 208% more revenue as a result of their marketing efforts, according to data from LinkedIn.

Pretty compelling, right?

So how do you achieve alignment between sales and marketing when, historically, the two departments have needlessly been at odds with one another?

Drift and LeadMD teamed up to show you exactly how. In our new book, we’ll walk you through the following to help you align your sales and marketing teams in time for 2020:

  1. Embracing the Philosophy of Conversational Marketing
  2. Understanding the Nature and Role of Influential Buyer Conversations
  3. Aligning Marketing and Sales through Sales Enablement

So what are you waiting for? Start building sales and marketing alignment now. You can access our new book for free here.