Feature Description Basic Plan Availability
Help Docs A comprehensive knowledge base (located at https://gethelp.drift.com/) outlining how to use our products, features, and workflows.
On-Demand Training Library of pre-recorded training videos at https://insider.drift.com/. Key topics include:
  • Onboarding, Integrations, Playbooks, User Training, Chat Best Practices with Drift
  • Tips on GTM strategy (ABM, Sales Productivity, Product Development)
  • Exclusive RevGrowth talks and content
Drift Certifications Courses and knowledge certifications on key GTM topics including:
  • Conversational Sales
  • Conversational Marketing
  • Virtual Events
Customer Success
Customer Success Manager Your Drift resource, focused on advancing your strategy for you to achieve your goals. This includes:
  • Proactive outreach with best practice resources
  • Industry trends
  • Health monitoring platform improvements
  • Advocacy
  • Feature Request & escalation management
  • Platform education.
Drift Strategy Consulting Proactive outreach to your internal teams responsible for managing Drift. Your CSM proactively reviews your performance and recommends a strategy and the most appropriate resources to help you meet and exceed your goals. Topics commonly cover playbook engagement, targeting sophistication, user platforms adoption and ROI. Drift will also keep you up to date with any key upcoming marketing campaigns or events. Digital
Chat Availability Real time support and help from the Drift team via chat on www.drift.com 12/5
*Ticket response time based on severity as outlined in the Service Level Agreement below.

Priority Levels

In the event that a service-affecting issue is detected by Drift or reported by Customer, Drift shall, in its reasonable discretion, categorize the Priority Level pursuant to the criteria below.
Classification Description
Critical Issue affecting entire system or single critical production function; system down or operating in a materially degraded state; data integrity at risk; widespread access interruptions.
High Material component failure that materially impairs its performance.
Medium Operating with minor issues affecting a few users which can be addressed with a reasonable workaround.
Low An issue that involves an inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; information requested on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration; or a bug affecting a small number of users.
We found Drift to be a secure and scalable solution perfect for any serious enterprise customer. It’s a platform we trust. Drift has a tremendous team, and we’ve been extremely happy with our whole experience.”
— Adam Smith, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Algolia

Support Method and Availability

Drift provides support in English through the following methods:
Interaction Model Origination Method Response Method Basic Support Availability
Chat Customer chats into support Chat 12/5
Ticket Customer issue is not resolved through chat experience Email Support Hours:
M-F 8AM - 8PM, ET
Ticket Customer submits a helpdesk ticket via the Drift application Email Support Hours:
M-F 8AM - 8PM, ET
Ticket Customer emails support@drift.com Email Support Hours:
M-F 8AM - 8PM, ET
Ticket Customer submits a helpdesk ticket via chat Email Support Hours:
M-F 8AM - 8PM, ET
Ticket Customer submits ticket via ticket form Email Support Hours:
M-F 8AM - 8PM, ET

Ticket Response Times

During normal business hours M-F (from 8AM ET to 8PM ET), Drift will use reasonable efforts to adhere to the following response times pursuant to the Support Service package indicated on the relevant Order Form (Basic, Plus, Premier):
First Response Basic
Critical 1 Day
High 2 Days
Medium 3 Days
Low 5 Days
Please note our response times will be measured from the time Drift receives a support ticket until the respective times Drift has responded to such support ticket. If the issue is of Critical or High severity contact the Drift Support team via chat or submit an email with CRITICAL or URGENT in the subject line.

Professional Services


Services and coaching to ensure Drift is properly set up, tested, and deployed to hit your business goals.
Task Details
Account Setup Confirm metrics of success, review revenue acceleration strategy, install the javascript on your website.
Audience Identification Identify key audiences to target, key channels for driving traffic, and key upcoming marketing campaigns.
Technical Integrations Connect your MAP, CRM, and other systems directly to Drift so that leads and data flow correctly across your stack.
Playbook Design Select initial high impact playbooks to start then review copy, routing rules, and attribute mapping for new conversations.
Pre-Launch Testing Review your global settings, define and setup performance reports, test your playbooks to ensure you are ready to go live.
User Setup Add your users, connect your team’s calendars, and prepare your team to have conversations and booking meetings.
Reporting Align on key metrics and tracking to ensure we can measure the results and return on your Drift investment

Playbook Optimization Services

An ongoing relationship with a Drift expert to optimize existing playbooks, build new playbooks, and perform ongoing playbook/routing maintenance (based on effort levels contracted)
Benefit Details
Playbook Builds Personalized experiences for new or existing playbooks. Strategize and advise on new playbooks needed for current or upcoming campaigns, work with your team on the flow and copy, then build or optimize on a recurring basis. Performance audit of live playbooks to optimize for success.
Conversation Routing Advise your team on setting up proper routing rules in Drift to ensure the right reps or team members are notified and join the right conversation at the right time. Access to Drift admin coaching and assistance.
Reporting and Analytics Performance reviews of playbooks and results structured around your key audiences and goals. Data driven recommendations for additional playbooks.
Please note: You cannot pool hours, unused hours will not roll over from month to month, and no refunds will be given for unused hours.

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