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Teamwork makes the revenue dream work.

Picture this: It’s dinner time, and a hungry couple (let’s call them Jerome and Kayla) want to get take out. They go back and forth but can’t agree. Jermoe wants pizza and Kayla isn’t budging on Thai. They waste lots of time arguing when they both actually want the same thing — food.

Sound like anyone you know?

Marketing and sales are a lot like Jerome and Kayla — these two teams have been at odds for far too long. Marketing wants leads, sales wants meetings. But they waste time on their separate agendas when they’re both just hungry for the same thing — revenue and hitting their quotas.

Listen, alignment doesn’t have to just be a pipe dream. It can be a dream for your pipeline.

It’s time to stop the bickering once and for all, and bring your marketing and sales teams together. Food analogies aside, proper alignment can help your teams work more efficiently together, engage the right buyers, and accelerate revenue, faster. And at our next virtual event you’ll get the blueprint for how to do it.

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Some people put on events, others create experiences you'll never forget- Drift is one of those!!!”
I want to thank everyone at Drift for inviting me – to be able to share my story and to reflect on what I’ve learned.”
Thanks to #RevGrowth and Drift for the lovely top billing next to Nick Tran (Head of Global Marketing) at TikTok and Lindsay Peoples Wagner (EIC) at TeenVogue.”
Always a pleasure speaking for Drift. I had a blast at RevGrowth Digital Advertising, thanks for having me back!”

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