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Live Chat For Your Website

With Drift’s live chat, you can talk to your website visitors while they’re live on your site to give them the help they need so you can close more deals.

Respond Right From Slack

If your team is like ours (and over 2 million other people), you probably spend the majority of your day on Slack, and starting today, you don’t even have to leave Slack to talk to your customers and prospects, even if you’re on the go.

On Your Website Or Inside Of Your App

Real-time conversations means more sales and happier customers. Whether it’s a prospect on your website that has a question or one of your customers that is stuck inside of your product, you’ll be able to give people the answers they need at exactly the right time – and that means more sales and happier customers.

Connect To Anything

Now you can connect Drift to virtually any app you’re already using. So now you can do things like turn new conversations in Drift into leads in Salesforce or HubSpot, and log an entire live chat conversation in Zendesk or Help Scout. With over 500+ apps on Zapier, the combinations are endless.

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No credit card required.