Technology has changed everyone’s expectations. People expect information in real time. Just think about how you communicate in your personal life and at work with apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Slack.

Your customers don’t want forms, they want conversations with real people.

And think about the last time your team (or bosses) asked you questions like these: “How did that email campaign perform yesterday?” or, “Are we on pace to hit our leads goal this week?” or, “How many people converted from Facebook yesterday?”

Your team doesn’t want static spreadsheets. They don’t want to login to 12 different apps to understand how their work impacts performance. They need real-time visualizations of performance so they can do better work.

Life, and now work, is available on-demand.

So how do businesses keep up? What do you need to know for 2018 and beyond?

On March 21st, John Bonini from Databox joins our own Dave Gerhardt to lay it all out. They’ll be joined by a special guest, Chris Handy of ClosedWon (a mutual customer of both Drift and Databox) as he goes under the hood and demonstrates real-work applications.

Meet the Presenters

Dave Gerhardt
VP of Marketing @ Drift

Dave is the VP of Marketing at Drift and host of the Seeking Wisdom. He has spent the last 7 years working and learning at SaaS marketing companies, including HubSpot and Constant Contact. Dave lives for creating new categories, launching products, building an audience and getting the right people to pay attention.

John Bonini
Director of Marketing @ Databox

John Bonini is a guy that does marketing. He previously ran growth for Litmus, and is now director of marketing at Databox, a software company making it easy for people to track all their marketing and sales performance in one place.

Chris Handy
CEO @ ClosedWon

Chris Handy is on a mission to help companies to #stopblasting their customers. He leads the team at ClosedWon, a company with the training and services to help B2B sales teams start more conversations with customers & target accounts so they can see more ClosedWon moments in their business.

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