Tenable Generates 3x Qualified Pipeline Globally with Drift

What if you could tell your SDR team, “Hey, I have a way to put money right in your pockets?” Or tell your marketing team, “I know how we can create more flexibility and personalization for customers visiting our website?”

A dream, right? Well, for companies embracing Conversational AI, like Tenable, this dream is closer to reality than you might think. And it can be for you, too. 

On April 27th, join Tenable’s Senior Director of Growth Marketing, Operations, & Technology, Matt Mullin, and Drift’s Director of Product Marketing, Aurelia Solomon, to hear how Tenable uses Drift to generate 3x qualified pipeline globally. 

You’ll learn:

  • #1 Exactly how Tenable uses Drift to create VIP experiences for named accounts daily
  • #2 Why you need Conversational AI to relieve your support team and jump start the sales process (without lifting a finger)
  • #3 How you can level up your Conversational AI – no matter what stage of adoption you’re in


Matt Mullin

Sr. Director Global Marketing Operations & Technology, Tenable

Aurelia Solomon

Director of Product Marketing, Drift

Tenable Generates 3x Qualified Pipeline Globally with Drift