Sell with Clarity and Stay 3 Moves Ahead

Selling is a lot like the game of chess.

Just like Beth in The Queen’s Gambit, us sellers need to always be on our A game — no matter what. And with large buying groups and lots of moving pieces, selling can get complex. Buyers are depending upon sellers to always be a few steps ahead.

So how can we get the clarity we need to do so?

It’s simpler than it seems. And we’re here to help. On Tuesday, April 12th, join Drift and Gong for Sell with Clarity and Stay 3 Moves Ahead. You’ll learn:

  • #1 Why visibility – both into a deal and of the rep – is a crucial part of closing deals
  • #2 How to take the right next step - leveraging buyer signals to achieve success
  • #3 Practical ways to train your team to sell effectively in a digital-first environment


Brooke Freedman

Senior Director of Mid-Market Sales, Drift

Kevin Kotecki

Head of Mid-Market Sales, Gong

Sell with Clarity and Stay 3 Moves Ahead