Your revenue team isn’t nearly as productive as it could be. And it’s no secret why. Almost two-thirds(!) of your reps are spending their time on non-revenue generating activity. In order to hit your revenue targets, your team needs to work more efficiently and be more productive.

But sales enablement alone isn’t enough. To truly drive your business forward, your entire organization needs to be aligned around a common revenue goal and process.

Join us for this 3-part webinar series, as we welcome in a powerhouse team of sales and marketing experts to give you their unique knowledge on how to increase sales productivity, arm your team with the insights they need to hit their quota, and get buy-in across all of your teams to drive results for your business. Register once to secure your spot at ALL 3 SESSIONS

The Sessions

  • Session #1 | July 23rd @ 2:00pm EST

    How to Enable Your SDR Team to Deliver Extreme Value to Your Buyers

    84% of SDRs fail to consistently hit their quota each month…84 PERCENT!!! I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand for that high of a number. Which is why for this first session of the series, we’ve teamed up with our friends at TOPO to help you increase your SDR team’s productivity. Join us to learn how to help your SDR team:

    • Prioritize and engage the right accounts at the right time
    • Learn the insights and techniques they need to boost their productivity
    • Consistently achieve quota and drive results for the business
    Julianne Thompson
    Head of Sales Development @ Drift
    Dan Gottlieb
    Senior Analyst, Sales Practice @ TOPO
  • Session #2 | August 12 @ 2:00pm EST

    Why a Revenue Team is Your Key to Unlocking Your Full Revenue Potential

    Nothing great is ever achieved alone. And that principle is especially true when it comes to driving revenue for your business. Achieving consistent growth requires total buy-in and alignment across your org. That’s where a revenue team comes in. Join Drift and Clari for this session as they show you:

    • Why establishing a revenue team is the best way to significantly grow your bottom line
    • How a revenue team helps to align leaders from across your business in pursuit of a common revenue objective
    • Real life examples of the impact of a successful revenue team
    Kate Adams
    VP of Marketing @ Drift
    Kyle Coleman
    VP, Revenue Growth & Enablement @ Clari
  • Session #3 | September 3rd @ 2:00pm EST

    Here’s Exactly How to Sell to the C-Suite

    When it comes to selling to the C-suite, you only get ONE shot. But the truth is, most sales pros aren’t equipped to nail these high-stakes meetings. That’s why Drift and Gong are sharing data-backed insights that will help you master the most important meetings in your pipeline, specifically:

    • The biggest mistake sellers make when meeting with senior decision makers.
    • Advanced selling tips for getting DMs to say “Yes”
    • Framework for navigating the true buying cycle
    Kyle Bastien
    Director of Sales Enablement @ Drift
    Devin Reed
    Content Strategy @ Gong