The Power Of Conversation And Customer Advocacy

The best marketing is a conversation.

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Over the last few years, marketers have become increasingly reliant on automation, filling inboxes and voicemails alike with cold, impersonal pleas for buyer’s attention.

Somewhere along the line, convenience took the place of connection, and the customer ended up getting lost in the shuffle.

Well no more.

Join Drift’s Head of Customer Marketing, Chris Handy, and Influitive’s Head of Customer Advocacy & Demand Generation, Victoria LaPlante, as they show you how to bring a human touch back to the marketing and sales process.  Learn from these two experts how authentic conversations and customer advocacy can help you engage more prospects and accelerate your sales NOW.

Spend just one hour with us and you’ll get all the skills and knowhow necessary to build your own customer engagement program and start leveraging your existing customer base to fuel your sales pipeline.

About the Presenters

Chris Handy
Head of Customer Marketing @ Drift

Chris Handy is the Customer Marketing leader at Drift. He wakes up every morning in cold sweats, worried that you don’t have enough learning about how to grow your revenue with Drift, so he makes more. He wasn’t born this way. He’s worked in startups in sales and marketing leadership roles for the past decade and helped a large number of businesses implement their conversational marketing strategy.

Victoria LaPlante
Head of Customer Marketing and Demand Gen @ Influitive

Victoria is the head of Customer Advocacy and Demand Generation at Influitive, Canada’s fastest growing SaaS company. I’m passionate about helping build demand generation and customer advocacy programs that influence pipeline, accelerate sales, increase customer engagement alongside growing their LTV and most importantly, developing your brand enthusiasts as individuals to connect and grow in their professional careers.

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