Navigating the Path to
Revenue Orchestration with Conversational Marketing

In today’s dynamic market landscape, both buyers and sellers are facing significant challenges that hinder the path to a seamless buying experience and effective revenue generation. Sellers are tangled in a web of administrative tasks, limiting their precious time with potential buyers, while buyers navigate through increasingly complex purchasing processes, expecting not just products, but value-driven buying experiences.

This webinar tackles the pressing issues faced by sales and marketing professionals, underscored by what we’ve termed the “2080-hour problem,” where the limits of time impacts both buyers and sellers adversely, leading to a dysfunctional process acknowledged by over 55% of buyers.

Join Ottavio Dattolo, Sr. Global Demand Gen Manager, to discover how you can bridge the gap to revenue orchestration by harnessing the power of conversational marketing and elevate your team to meet the heightened expectations of today’s buyers. Key takeaways include:

  • The role of conversational marketing in providing full lifecycle insight, enabling teams to create meaningful experiences throughout the customer journey;
  • Strategies for enhancing buyer-seller interactions through active listening, responsiveness and guidance;
  • How to leverage AI-powered best practices for delivering a differentiated buyer experience consistently; and
  • The importance of actionable insights over mere data accumulation for driving desired business outcomes.


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Ottavio Dattolo

Sr. Demand Generation Marketing Manager at Drift

Navigating the Path to
Revenue Orchestration with Conversational Marketing