How to Get Sales Reps to Actually Follow Up with Marketing Leads

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This sound familiar?

Marketer: “Here are your 300 quality leads that I just spent three weeks sourcing — enjoy!”

Sales rep: “Cool, but these people literally just went to a webinar, not sure I have time for them.”

^ These situations can be extremely frustrating. And — truth be told — no one comes out a winner.

The good news?

There is a better way to align sales and marketing on the plays you need to drive timely and targeted follow-up with your best leads.

Join us on July 12th when we bring together Drift’s Alex Orfao and Nick Christolos and PandaDoc’s Denis Malkov to talk through the essential plays for building the most effective lead follow-up sequences, and how you can get sales and marketing on the same page once and for all.

About the Presenters

Denis Malkov
Director of Revenue Operations @ PandaDoc

Denis Malkov is the Director of Revenue Operations at PandaDoc. He has over 10 years of experience in the software and services space, specializing in client services, bizops, business development.

Alex Orfao
Conversational Marketing Manager @ Drift

Alex is responsible for Drift’s email communication strategy and co-marketing efforts. She’s been in the B2B SaaS space for 5 years, working in demand generation roles at companies like LogMeIn, HubSpot, Bullhorn and Brightcove. She lives for putting together the different demand gen puzzle pieces to create a complete strategy that gets more leads to sales.

Nicholas Christolos
Conversational Sales Advisor @ Drift

Nick is on the sales team at Drift. He helps marketing and sales leaders develop inbound and outbound strategies that drive conversations and optimize for conversions. He’s made it his mission to rid the world of painful discovery calls and incorporate more conversational selling.

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