How to Make Email Human Again

(Without Giving Up Automation)

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You definitely use email in your business.

We know that because 61% of marketers say it’s their top channel. Salesforce says that email delivers a whooping 3800% ROI.

And even better… email is fully automated these days.

Set it and forget it! Click send, job done.

We’ve become so reliant on automation that we’ve forgotten that there’s a real person on the other end of our marketing emails.

Like with all good things, automation needs to be enjoyed responsibly.

Well our own Mark Kilens and Adam Schoenfeld have read, sent, analyzed a lot of emails… too many in fact! Adam personally subscribed to 800 B2B emails, yes he’s crazy, to study email so you don’t have to.

Join them and learn how to:

  1. Send human-to-human emails at scale.
  2. Apply SDR secrets to your marketing nurture emails.
  3. Use AI to manage your email responses and start conversations.

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About the Presenters

Mark Kilens
VP of Content and Community, Drift

Mark Kilens leads content and community at Drift. His team teaches people how to transform how businesses buy from businesses with conversational marketing & sales. He previously was VP and founder of HubSpot Academy. He built the HubSpot Academy from the ground up, and in doing so, has educated millions of people and created a best-in-class hub of marketing and sales education.

Adam Schoenfeld
VP of Strategy, Drift

Adam Schoenfeld is VP of Strategy at Drift where he works on strategy, product marketing, and studying the marketing tech industry. He has founded and led multiple marketing technology companies, including Siftrock which was acquired by Drift in 2018. Adam loves breakfast, golf, and talking about sales and marketing on LinkedIn.

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