Unity Makes Strength:

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Drift and ALPFA are hosting Unity Makes Strength. This panel, featuring Manny Medina, Lolita Taub, Elias Torres, David Cancel and moderated by Pedro Espinoza, will focus on the immigrant and entrepreneurial stories of these outstanding Hispanic leaders in technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.

Topics will include:

  • #1 How you can build your network from scratch
  • #2 How to create and leverage your social capital to thrive in your career
  • #3 How to hustle and become an intrapreneur or entrepreneur
  • #4 How to build your personal board of advisors, tribe and community
  • #5 How to create a culture of inclusion and belonging


David Cancel

Founder & CEO, Drift

Elias Torres

Founder & CTO, Drift

Manny Medina

Founder & CEO, Outreach

Lolita Taub

Founder and GP, The Community Fund

Pedro Espinoza

Founder and CEO, Alpaca Pan Peru

Unity Makes Strength:

Hispanic Heritage Month - LatinX Panel