Drift Automation:

The "Solution To The Problem We Didn't Even Know We Had"

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We try our hardest, but our customers are still waiting on us. 😱 They have to follow the paths our marketing team creates and can talk to a human only when they’re available.

But is that the type of experience your customers deserve?

Join Maggie Crowley, Director of Product Management at Drift and Adrian Cohn, Director of Brand and Communications at Smartling to learn how Smartling was able to create a better buying experience for their customers while increasing their meetings booked by 75% in just two months with Drift Automation.

In under an hour you’ll learn:

  • How your SDRs can come into work every day with more meetings on their calendars
  • How you can give your customers the easiest route to buy your product
  • How Smartling created the customer buying experience their customers deserve

About the Presenters

Maggie Crowley
Maggie Crowley
Director of Product @ Drift

Maggie Crowley is a Director of Product at Drift, where she works automation, and is the host of #Build on Seeking Wisdom, a podcast focused on how to build products better. She’s also an Olympian and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Adrian Cohn, Smartling
Adrian Cohn
Director of Brand and Communications @ Smartling

Adrian Cohn is Smartling’s Director of Brand and Communications. He recently launched Move the World with Words, the company’s new marketing campaign, book, and podcast focused on humanizing translation. Adrian is also the driving force behind the implementation of Drift and Drift Automation so that he has more time to spend cycling and hanging out with his dog Fitz.

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