Behind The Scenes With The Drift Marketing Team

How To Create A 1M Dollar Funnel That Will (Literally) Sell For You In Under 60 Minutes

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There is whole new way of turning website visitors into customers that has emerged and it’s called Conversational Marketing.

And we’re going to save you weeks of training and show you how Conversational Marketing can change your business in just 60 minutes.

We’ll be going straight to the source and giving you all of the secrets and playbooks first-hand from the Drift marketing team.

We’ve never shared these stories publicly, and space is limited to 200 registrants!

Here’s What You’ll Learn During This Free Live Training:

  1. How Conversational Marketing creates the FASTEST path to revenue if you have a marketing & sales team.
  2. How creating a million dollar sales funnel can be as easy as creating a Google Form survey (and what it takes to launch one in under 10 minutes)
  3. The new metric that all marketing teams will be tracking (and why customers will love this metric too)

About the Presenters

Dave Gerhardt
VP of Marketing @ Drift
Dave is the VP of Marketing at Drift and host of the Seeking Wisdom. He has spent the last 7 years working and learning at SaaS marketing companies, including HubSpot and Constant Contact. Dave lives for creating new categories, launching products, building an audience and getting the right people to pay attention.
Sara Pion
Conversational Marketing Specialist @ Drift
Sara works as the resident bot builder for Drift in addition to running social media and community for the team. She’s been working at Drift for a year, started as the first customer advocate, and has been a part of the marketing team for 4 months. She lives for putting easter eggs into bots, surprising and delighting customers, and building the most conversational flows for site visitors  
Alex Orfao
Conversational Marketing Manager @ Drift
Alex is responsible for Drift’s email communication strategy and co-marketing efforts. She’s been in the B2B SaaS space for 5 years, working in demand generation roles at companies like LogMeIn, HubSpot, Bullhorn and Brightcove. She lives for putting together the different demand gen puzzle pieces to create a complete strategy that gets more leads to sales.

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