How Keap Grew Its Sales Pipeline by 50% in 50 Days With Drift Automation

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Your customers are always waiting on you. They must follow the paths your marketing team creates (which usually means lots of forms and clicking). It wastes their time. They just want to talk to you. But you’ve made it so difficult.

And it’s not even your fault. Your marketing team is spending hours trying to fix this. Creating workflows and decision trees, making it a little bit easier on your buyers, but harder on your team.

Just imagine if you could put your best SDR on your website to chat with 100% of your website visitors. You can’t though! They are human. They need sleep and vacations and no — they can’t have dozens of conversations at once.

But with Drift Automation, you can.

Join Rob Stevenson, Product Growth Leader at Keap, and Maggie Crowley, Director of Product Management at Drift where they breakdown the exact blueprint Keap used to roll out Drift Automation where they saw:

  1. 50% increase in sales pipeline in first 50 days using it
  2. Moved 17 SDRs off chat and automated website chat qualification
  3. Converted 70% of leads from Qualification Bot into opportunities (compared to 7% for their PPC campaigns)
  4. Qualification Bot converted 28% of conversations into leads whereas their best SDR could only convert 21%.

About the Presenters

Rob Stevenson
Product Growth Leader @ Keap

Rob is a Product Growth Leader at Keap, working inside the org’s marketing team to help drive sustainable growth for the nation’s more than 5 million small businesses through marketing automation. Day-to-day Rob plays in the demand gen & conversion marketing spaces, specializing in chat and SMS to help Keap’s current and future customers find value.

Maggie Crowley
Maggie Crowley
Director of Product @ Drift

Maggie Crowley is a Director of Product at Drift, where she works automation, and is the host of #Build on Seeking Wisdom, a podcast focused on how to build products better. She’s also an Olympian and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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