How to Build a Customer-Centric Culture of NOW

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In three taps or less, you can hail a ride, stream a movie, and stock up on toothpaste — and you can have those items delivered in a few seconds to just under a day. Uber, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others have redefined buyer expectations, where ‘Now’ has almost become too late.

And it’s not just consumer businesses that have been impacted, the rules have also been rewritten for B2B.

The previously held belief that first to market takes all, has now been replaced with first to buyer. Because as markets get even more saturated, and the difference between you and your competitors becomes razor thin, your competitive advantage will be how fast you can ultimately address the needs of your current and future customers.

Join us for this live webinar to learn how to build a customer-centric culture of ‘now’ that will allow you to set your team and business up for success.

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Drift Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens
VP of Content and Community @ Drift

Mark Kilens leads content and community at Drift. His team teaches people how to transform how businesses buy from businesses with conversational marketing & sales. He previously was VP and founder of HubSpot Academy. He built the HubSpot Academy from the ground up, and in doing so, has educated millions of people and created a best-in-class hub of marketing and sales education.

Sam Wong
Head of Strategic Success and Services @ Front

Samantha Wong is the Head of Strategic Success and Services at Front, currently leading the charge for Front’s Customer Success and Onboarding team. She’s been with Front for nearly 3 years, and has previously built out Front’s Customer Success function from scratch. Prior to Front, Samantha has managed and deployed some of the most notable communication and collaboration tools at Disney, and held a variety of Community Management and Marketing roles at several media agencies. Samantha has extensive experience with collaboration tools and processes, and is passionate about improving productivity and communication at work.

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