How To Personalize Your B2B Buying Experience

Is your marketing sick? Symptoms may include: too many forms, unused content, and frustrated buyers.

The good news is the cure is simple: buyer enablement. Consumer platforms like Uber, Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon put the customer in the driver’s seat, giving them a personalized experience and all the information they need when they want it.

But the B2B buying experience is anything but frictionless. If we can pivot our marketing to operate more like these consumer brands, the result is an enabled buyer who’s ready to progress through your funnel.

Join Drift’s Mark Kilens and PathFactory’s Chris Vandermarel to learn how marketers can evolve their sales and marketing efforts to be more like Uber, Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon. You’ll learn how to use conversational marketing to engage your buyers at each stage of your funnel and understand what content they’re consuming when and how often.

Join us for this webinar and in one hour, you’ll learn:

  1. Why the current B2B buying process doesn’t work for your buyers
  2. How to create a personalized buying experience for each buyer
  3. How to personalize the buying experience


Mark Kilens

VP of Content and Community, Drift

Chris Vandermarel

Director of Product Marketing, PathFactory

How To Personalize Your B2B Buying Experience

(And Get Customers To Love You Like They Love Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify)