From Touchpoints to Journeys:

Whether it’s getting your audience to a webinar or moving prospects through the traditional “funnel,” our go-to-market motions often look more like a fragmented, relay race to nowhere rather than a coordinated team effort that progresses pipeline.

So, how do we make all of our pre, during, and post-event touchpoints add up to an awesome buying experience and, ultimately, revenue?

Join us for a live webinar with ON24 to learn best practices for creating a digital event strategy that puts the buyer first, including:

  • #1 Using innovative tools to personalize webinar promotion and registration at scale
  • #2 Accelerating pipeline through digital event and webinar outreach tactics that drive real-time conversations
  • #3 Offering “hand-raiser” calls-to-action to find your high-priority buyers during a digital event


Kate Adams

VP of Marketing @ Drift

Tessa Barron

VP of Marketing @ ON24

From Touchpoints to Journeys:

5 Steps to Totally Transform the Buying Experience Through Digital-First Events