What you’ll learn in 20 minutes:

  • Let’s admit it. The tools we’ve been using for B2B sales and marketing were built for a world that no longer exists.
    Today, customers expect answers NOW, but most of the tools and tactics revenue teams use today were built for later. Fill out a form so someone can contact you later. Book a time so a sales rep can give you a demo later. File a support ticket so someone can give you help later. We’ll give you the shortcut to remove all this junk time from your sales cycle NOW.
  • You want to connect now with people who are ready to buy NOW — we’ll talk about how doing this creates a better experience for potential customers which means a lightning fast sales cycle, and ultimately more revenue NOW.
  • You’ll leave this class with the tools you need to shrink your sales cycle and pack your reps create more conversations NOW — and book meeting after meeting after meeting — and you’ll see exactly how to do it without having to hire and train a new crop of SDRs — or spend weeks learning overly complicated new marketing software.
Chris Handy
Drift Customer Marketing Leader

Chris Handy wakes up in the morning in cold sweats, worried that you don’t have enough learning about how to grow your revenue with Drift, so he makes more. Nothing else matters to Chris.

Want to learn how to build a ridiculous sales pipeline without lead forms, BDRs, or having to learn some crazy new marketing tech?

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