No forms? No phones? No problem.

Learn how to generate leads and close deals 100% through messaging in this free webinar.

dave_g_iconPresented By: Dave Gerhardt, Director of Marketing

Here’s What You’ll Learn During This Free Webinar

Why messaging is the super power that your sales team has been missing.

We’ll show you how to crack this channel for inbound sales so you can use bots to schedule meetings for you while you’re out to lunch or sleeping, and how to get 50% click rates (vs. the 2% click rates that you get with email).

Why cold emails and phone calls are dying.

Just think about the way that you buy things today. You don’t want to respond to cold emails and phone calls — and neither do your potential customers. We’ll talk about what that means for sales and how to use this to your advantage.

How to turn your existing website into a lead generation machine.

We’ll show you how to stop wasting your website traffic and turn leads into customers faster by focusing on the people who are already live on your site.

The tools that our sales team at Drift uses every day to close more deals without ever having to pick up the phone.

We’ll breakdown exactly how they use Drift day to day and why the future is all about real-time selling.

Drift has been a huge asset to our sales teams: the leads we get from Drift have been closing 3x faster than the traditional leads we had been getting on the ThriveHive website.