Dan Murphy & Emily Mias

How To Turn Blog Subscribers Into Hot Leads

(Without Having To Spam Anyone)

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What you’ll learn during this free 45-minute session:

  • Why most businesses think blog subscribers are bad leads. Nobody thinks blog subscribers are valuable leads. They’re wrong. I’ll show you why businesses under-think blog subscribers.

  • How to get more readers to subscribe to your blog. Every blog has a subscription offer but most readers don’t subscribe. Why is that? I’ll show you how to convince more blog readers they should subscribe to your blog with two simple steps.

  • How to convert subscribers into hot leads & automatically book meetings with your sales team every month. Seriously. I’ll share my blueprint for turning someone that reads your blog into a paying customer. And it’s not complicated. Give me 45-minutes and by the time the webinar is done, you’ll know step-by-step what to do.

About the Presenters

Dan Murphy
Marketing @ Drift

Hey, I’m Dan. I work on the marketing team at Drift, and I’m going behind the scenes to show you how to capture more blog subscribers, convert them into high quality leads and book meetings with your sales team – every month. Oh, and the best part: you can set all this up once and it’ll run on it’s own.

Emily Mias
Product @ Drift

Hey, I’m Emily. I work on the product team at Drift, and I helped build Drift Email for Marketing. I’m excited to help you drive more hot leads using our suite of new email playbooks. Between Dan’s blueprint and the power of conversation, you’ll be able to convert subscribers to sales meetings every month. Don’t miss this webinar!

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