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Some playbooks you’ll find in this book:

Playbook #14:

Stand for something. We created the #NoForms movement - we found a cause bigger than Drift and our product.

Playbook #18:

Use plain-text emails. 99% of the world hates being marketed to. HTML emails are a dead giveaway. Be authentic, be personal, use plain-text emails.

Playbook #23:

Everyone is a marketer. Your marketing team is not just the people that have "marketing" in their title. Arm your entire company to help you market.

About the book

In marketing, there’s no such thing as a gut decision anymore. Decisions are made based on data. Where time and resources are spent is based on this question: will it scale? And that’s an incredibly limiting principle if you’re in marketing. This book shows you how the Drift marketing team has used unscalable tactics to drive results and become one of the most well-known marketing teams in SaaS.

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