What you’ll learn during this free 60-minute session:

  • Why the traditional way of doing B2B marketing is broken. You and I both hate cold calls and cold emails. But when it comes to our jobs in marketing and sales, those are the tools our businesses rely on (despite the fact that they’re things that most customers despise). I’ll show you exactly how to turn your funnel into a three-step process that pulls in new customers and makes it easy for people to buy from your business.
  • How you can generate leads WITHOUT relying on lead forms. That’s not a typo. You could be generating more leads without having to rely on those long lead forms that have become the norm in B2B marketing. I’ll show you how you can ditch your lead forms — and I’ll give you the data to back it up so you can sell the idea to your boss, too.
  • How you can book more qualified meetings for your sales team. Imagine how productive your sales team would be if they only talked to the real buyers? (Not to mention how much they would love the marketing team, but that’s not the point!) I’m going to show you how AI and chatbots can help you turn an anonymous website visitor into a qualified sales meeting in seconds. No more forms. No more three-month sales cycle. You’ll leave with the tools you need to shrink your sales cycle and pack your reps with meeting after meeting after meeting — and you’ll see exactly how to do it without having to hire and train a new crop of BDRs — or spend weeks learning some crazy new marketing technology.
Dave Gerhardt
Director of Marketing @ Drift

Hey I’m Dave. I lead the marketing team here at Drift, and I’m going to go behind the scenes and show you exactly how to generate six figures of pipeline (and more) without having to use lead forms, hire and train a team of BDRs, or spend weeks learning some fancy new marketing software.

Want to learn how to build a ridiculous
sales pipeline without lead forms, BDRs,
or having to learn some crazy new marketing tech?

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