Send announcements and NPS surveys to your customers through email.

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Drift & Email

We’re all about live chat, but we know that sometimes people still need to send emails.

Like with in-app messages, you can send announcements and NPS surveys to your customers through email. You can also set up your in-app messages to be sent via email if someone doesn’t see it within a certain amount of time.

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Email Follow Up: No Message Left Behind

Sometimes when somebody is talking to you via chat on your site or in your app, they leave. They have things to do, which is totally fine.

With Email Follow Up, after 15 minutes, if the person you were talking to hasn’t seen your most recent message, the entire conversation is emailed to the customer. When they reply to the email, it will also get posted to your conversation in Drift so you don’t miss anything either.

Now you can rest easy knowing that customer wasn’t left hanging.

Automating Email

Let Drift do the work for you by setting up automated email campaigns. Whether you want to use a drip campaign to improve your onboarding, or catch people before they churn, you can do it all in Drift.

Need some ideas where to start? Here’s some inspiration from the Drift playbook:

Welcome your customers the day they sign up and start a conversation by asking them why they did.

3 days after a customer signs up, send them an email with tips for getting the most out of your service.

Automatically send an email 30 days before a customer’s subscription renews if their credit card is expired.

If a customer hasn’t been active in 7 days, send them an email to check in and ask what your company can do better.

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