When it comes to crafting a modern buying experience, there is one guiding principle: Personalization. Is. Paramount. Today’s buyers expect and deserve a red carpet treatment, and it’s our duty, as marketers, to roll it out for them. Which is why we wanted to put together this series to show you exactly what that personalized experience looks like.

3 Months. 3 Sessions. 3 Amazing Guests.

Over the next 3 months, we’ll be partnering with 3 elite experts to walk you through every aspect of creating a personalized buying experience that will delight your prospects and customers alike. Register once and you’ll be granted access to ALL 3 SESSIONS.

The Sessions

Register Once to Get Access to All 3 Sessions!

July 9th @ 2:00pm EST
Session #1

How to Deliver Highly Personalized Experiences Through ABM

Today’s buyers are smarter and more informed than ever before, and “traditional” marketing just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Nowadays, experience is everything. Join Drift and Demandbase for this session as they show you how to deliver a personalized buying experience that your prospects and customers have come to expect using ABM.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to use ABM to create a personalized experience for your target buyers
  • How to leverage personalization in you digital strategy for your ABM accounts
  • Real-life use cases of successful personalization in the buying process
Meghan Flannery
Director of ABM @ Drift
Tenessa Lochner
Director, Content & ABM Education @ Demandbase
August 6th @ 2:00pm EST
Session #2

Using Conversational Marketing to Engage Your Buyer Throughout Their Buying Journey

It is a GREAT feeling when one of your top prospects lands on your site. And it is a TERRIBLE feeling when that prospect leaves your site because there was no one there to greet them or help move them through their buying journey.

There’s no point in rolling out the red carpet to capture your buyer’s attention if you’re just going to pull the rug out from under them when they finally do engage.

Which is why we’ve partnered up with Digital Reach for this session to show you:

  • How to properly engage your buyer when they’re most ready to buy
  • How to know when you should be providing value vs closing the deal
  • Real life examples of personalization at each stage of the buying process that you can take and try immediately
Julie Hogan
VP, Customer Experience @ Drift
Andrew Seidman
Co-Founder @ Digital Reach Agency
September 24th @ 2:00pm EST
Session #3

The Power of Personalized ‘Always On’ Campaigns for the Overwhelmed Marketer

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, these last few months have been challenging when it comes to engaging prospects. That being said, your prospects will always seek new and relevant content. So when the time comes and you do get a moment of mindshare, you need to maximize it. In short, you need to be always-on…but how do you stay ‘on’ while also being relevant and personalized?

In this webinar you’ll learn about the strategy, execution, and management of always-on campaigns including:

  • The creation of “always-on” content that is still unique and timely
  • The balance of personalization ownership between sales and marketing
  • How to balance traditional and always-on campaigns to keep things fresh and prospects engaged
Kate Adams
VP of Marketing @ Drift
Mike Waldron
VP of Marketing @ Uberflip

The Personalized Experience Series

How Personalization Transforms Leads to Pipeline