Salespeople succeed when they’re able to focus on, you guessed it, SELLING.

The problem is, we just don’t let them do it. By the time your reps are done sifting through mountains of data, qualifying loads of leads, and finagling countless calendars, the day is done – and their quota is out of reach. And with the coronavirus pandemic complicating matters exponentially, salespeople need a more direct path to selling now more than ever.

So where’s the rub? The answer is as simple as enablement. Salespeople should start their day with a clear picture of their accounts so that they can deliver timely, personalized experiences that create value and accelerate conversations.

Alongside three special guests, we’ll spend this Series giving you the tools and enablement techniques you need to remove roadblocks and get your team back to doing what they do best – selling.

The First Session Goes Live On October 27th!

The Sessions

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October 27th @ 2:00pm EST
Session #1

Shift Happens: How to Transform Your Buyer Engagement Strategy, NOW

The world has obviously changed a lot in 2020, and to be a successful sales org, you have to be able to adapt and change with it. That means that you, as a sales leader, have to arm your team with the tools they need to adapt their buyer engagement strategy to a completely new normal. Join us for this session and you’ll learn how to:

  1. Set your sales team up for success as they approach selling in a post-COVID world.
  2. Tailor your outreach to each buyer’s changing needs
  3. Deploy relevant new sales plays in days, not weeks
Julianne Thompson
Head of Sales Development, Drift
Chad Nuss
Founder & CRO, InsideOut
November 19 @ 2:00pm EST
Session #2

Doing the Deal: How to Work and Win Newly Engaged Buyers

You’ve got a prospect on the hook, now it’s time to reel them in. But to do so, you need to be hyper focused and regimented in your continued engagement and buyer interaction. Otherwise, you risk them wiggling free. We welcome in Outreach for this session, as they show you how to:

  1. Establish a carefully crafted sequence of touches to drive deeper engagement with a prospective buyer
  2. Continue to provide value during every interaction in the buying process
  3. Stay focused on working and winning the deal, rather than data entry
Hank Wells
Director of Sales, Outreach
Al Hogan
Head of Enterprise Sales, Drift
December 16 @ 2:00pm EST
Session #3

Performance Management in a Pandemic: How to Maintain Consistent Close Rates Across Your Sales Team

So you’ve managed to adjust and overcome the curveball that the coronavirus pandemic threw at your sales team. After a tough initial few months back in the spring, your reps are relatively back on track. Now it’s a matter of keeping it that way. Join Drift and for this third and final session of the Series, as our sales management experts show you:

  1. Best practices for managing sales performance in a remote environment
  2. Proven tactics for ensuring consistent close rates, even in a down economy
  3. What your sales strategy should look like heading into an uncertain 2021
Kyle Bastien
Director of Sales Enablement, Drift
Dan Templeton
VP of Strategic Sales,

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Removing the Roadblocks That Kill Quota