“Implementing SSO with Drift is incredibly important for us (obviously) from a security prospective. As a Drift admin, I can approve app request via Okta dashboard and automate the entire on-boarding and off-boarding process.”

Works With Your Single Sign-On Provider

Drift’s single sign-on works with the most popular SSO providers like Okta, Azure, and OneLogin. You can also connect Drift to any custom SAML 2.0 IDP. And connecting your SSO to Drift only takes a few minutes.

Easily Add And Remove Users From Your Drift Account

Adding or removing users from an account can eat up a lot of time. Especially when you have to do it one at a time. But with single sign-on, your IT admin can invite and remove users in bulk.

Your Team Will Have One Less Password To Remember

Having too many passwords to remember is not only annoying for your team, but is a serious security concern for your company. With SSO, your team will only have to remember one password for all of their accounts and you’ll still be protecting your data.

SSO gives us a centralized way to manage user access and control, which makes it so much easier to enforce two-factor authentication, restrict access to sensitive information, and improve security across the board. And our employees love it because it means one less password to remember.

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