One of your best marketing channels is hiding in plain sight. Now you can tap into it for free.

Every week, your team sends thousands of emails to prospects and customers. With Drift Signatures, you’ll not only ensure everyone’s on brand, you’ll also drive traffic to your latest campaign, event, or content. Once people click through and arrive on your site, you can even greet them with a personalized message from the sender. Starting conversations with interested customers has never been easier.

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Drift Signatures

Create free email signatures that generate leads and keep everyone consistent.

Beautiful email signatures for your whole team in 2 minutes or less

You’ll have everyone looking professional and on-brand whenever they email prospects or customers.

Create more sales opportunities with personalized messages

Clicks don’t close sales—conversations do. That's why you can greet anyone who clicks through to your site with a personalized message from the sender.

Make your signature for FREE

You won’t have to enter credit card info or deal with a limited trial. You can start increasing engagement with your own branded signature today.

Stay on brand

Keep your entire company consistent (without having to beg anyone)

“Hey Todd, just wanted to remind you to PLEASE update your signature,” is an email you’ll never have to send again. Drift gives you central control, so you can push signature updates to your whole team in seconds. Every team has a Todd. With Drift Signatures, you can finally keep him on brand.

Leverage your network

Get the word out about your next big campaign

It’s rare to find a free, untapped marketing channel that gets you in front of thousands of people every week. But that’s exactly what company email is. Now you can add banners to every email signature and drive leads for your latest campaign, event, or product.

Integrate with Gmail

Integrates with Gmail so you can swap out banners on the fly

Want to promote different campaigns or content to different recipients? Cycle through your available banners and pick the most relevant one without leaving Gmail.

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