Why Conversational Marketing?

57% of prospects today will make up their minds before talking to your sales team.

- According to a study by Forrester

Today, potential customers come to your website with nearly all of the information they need to make a purchase. They’ve read blog posts, watched videos, found reviews, and asked for recommendations.

And that means when they come to your website, they know what they want and expect answers in real-time.

That wasn't true 10 years ago. Prospects had to come to your company to get educated about your product.

Back then you could afford to have them wait in line. You could nurture them based on your schedule. You could make them qualify themselves on your terms before they were allowed to buy.

The problem is that the world has changed. You don't buy like that anymore and neither do your prospects.

Information is everywhere. Some of your prospects probably know more about your product than some of your employees.

To match this shift you need a way to identify, qualify and serve those prospects in real-time, when they want to buy no matter when or where they are coming from.

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