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Welcome to Drift’s Shipyard. Here’s everything we shipped in the last month that you need to know about.

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Single sign-on

Add and Remove Users In Just A Few Clicks

Drift now integrates with single sign-on providers like Okta, Azure, OneLogin and any custom SAML 2.0 IDP. You can add or remove multiple users with just a couple of clicks. And your security team can manage Drift account access from one central directory. To set up SSO in your Drift account visit Settings > App Settings > Authentication.

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Custom Meeting Reminders

Rescheduling Meetings Is Now Dead Simple

Now it’s easier than ever for people to reschedule meetings with you in just a few clicks, right from your reminder emails. To customize meeting reminders in your Drift account visit Settings > My Settings > My Meetings > Calendar Settings.

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Bulk Close

Keep Your Inbox Organized

Now you can bulk close open conversations so your team can focus on the conversations that need their attention. To bulk close, click the checkbox next to the Open conversations filter then click Close Selected.

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ABM Notifications

Get Conversations Started Faster

When one of your target accounts visits your website, now you will get a notification which you can click to instantly start a conversation. You’ll also now get notified even when Drift isn’t open in your browser.

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Custom Bot Builder

Build Your Bot Conversations Your Way

In your Playbook bot builder, now you can add the option to schedule a meeting at any point in the conversation, instead of waiting for someone to reach a goal.

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keyword suggestions

Your Bots Are Now Learning How To Be Smarter

Drift will now automatically suggest keywords to include in your bot conversations. Using machine learning, Drift looks at common responses in your bot’s conversations with people on your website and suggests what keywords you should include.

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Export Data From Your Playbooks

Analyze Your Playbook Performance However You want

Now you can export data from your playbooks as a CSV file. In your Playbooks, click Export, and you will get an email with a CSV of your data. You can even pick multiple Playbooks and include data from a specific time period.

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Segment Builder

Create Contact Segments With And/Or Logic

Now you can use and/or logic to create contact segments. Your segments can be static or dynamic and you can use them to create custom experiences for your buyers, like perfectly timed emails after someone interacts with a bot on your website.

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Integrated Help

Check The Status Of Your Help Requests

If you’ve submitted a help request for our team to review, you can now check the status of that request within your Drift account. To check the status click the question mark icon on the left side panel > View your help requests.

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